70-year-old LP chieftain beheaded in Abia



According to reports, the victim—who was the home branch chairman of the local Uturu Development Union—had gone out for a drink about 8 p.m. in the state's Amelechi Akpukpa community area when he was ambushed by gunmen.

According to reports, the late Nmaduka was a community activist who spoke out against communal insecurity. Additionally, he oversaw the local Uturu community security organisation.

During the recent general elections, Zachary also served as the campaign manager for Amobi Ogah, the member who represents the Isuikwuto/Umunneochi Federal district.

It was learned that the attackers, who were around ten, shot him dead in a local pub while brandishing cutlasses, pump action rifles and other weapons.

According to reports, the victim was dragged over the ground before his assailants beheaded him and removed his head.

His friends, family, and loved ones are in a state of sadness and confusion as a result of the occurrence.

The state police were notified following the event, and according to state police public relations officer Maureen Chinaka, they were able to recover his lifeless body on Tuesday night.

She claimed that the police had stepped up their efforts to find and prosecute the criminals responsible for such heinous acts.

Mr Nmaduka was viciously attacked, shot and beheaded by unidentified assailants while he was at a pub in Amelechi Akpukpa county, the assistant superintendent of police said in a statement.

“Upon receiving this distressing information, a joint team comprising police and army personnel was swiftly dispatched to the scene.

“Tragically, they recovered Mr Nmaduka’s lifeless body. Photographic evidence was captured at the scene, and the deceased’s remains were promptly evacuated and deposited at Marist Mortuary Uturu. Investigation is currently ongoing.”



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