The founder of Omega Power Ministries (OPM), Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, has expressed his discontent towards the Happie boys, Matthew Precious Kelechi and AmakorJohnson, by invoking curses upon them following their public outcry.


The boys recently shared a voice note allegedly from the pastor on their Instagram page which they claim was recorded prior to their public announcement of dropping out of school in Cyprus.


In the voice note, the pastor berated the boys for ingratitude and vowed that they would never be successful in life, remaining poor forever. He criticized the boys for betraying his kindness and labelled them as unappreciative.


“I place this curse from the pain in my heart that doing good becomes evil. That whosoever, no matter who that person is, that I used…He didn’t pay one kobo, he didn’t spend one naira, it is from offering and tithe that people drop in the altar. What other pastors use in buying private jets, I say let me use it to help you.


“Now, I do you good, you use evil to pay me, you will remain poor forever. You can never achieve anything in life. As long as, whether anywhere you are, you will suffer poverty. You can never achieve. You can’t even buy one plot of land.


“If there’s other clothes you’ve bought through the money I used in sending you to Cyprus, you will sell those clothes to feed. You will become so wretched,” the Apostle said.


Recall that the Happie boys went viral last year after being fired from their security jobs at a chicken Republic restaurant. The boys were caught apparently ‘slacking off’ on their duty posts; recording themselves while dancing.

The OPM head pastor came to hear of the news and agreed to sponsor their education overseas in Cyprus. Not much has been known since then until now with the boys alleging that they were 'abandoned' by the pastor some months after arrival and he had been ignoring all attempts to reach him. They also claimed that several other students on the apostle’s scholarship program had dropped out of school for the same reason.


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