What skin bleaching does to you


Have you ever been ridiculed because of your skin color?
You probably may have made up your mind to become lighter than you already are to appeal to the eyes and fit in society standard of being beautiful.

Consider first what skin bleaching does to you before you take such great step.

Skin bleaching or lightening is the use of products to lighten dark areas of your skin. Or when you use products to achieve an overall lighter complexion.

How does skin bleaching work?

Skin bleaching works by reducing the concentration or the production of melanin in your skin. This is because melanin is the pigment that gives your skin color. Melanin production in your skin is dependent majorly on genetics, hormones and sunlight also affect melanin production.

Higher amount of melanin means a darker skin. This means people with dark skin have more melanin.

Skin bleaching has no specific health benefit, rather can result to serious complications. It is important to note the risk and side effects of skin bleaching:

Mercury poisoning

Mercury toxicity has been linked to some skin bleaching products. Symptoms of mercury poisoning include;
High blood pressure, Numbness, fatigue, kidney failure, sensitivity to light, dermatitis, neurologic problems such as memory loss.

Dermatitis which is inflammation of the skin can be caused by contact with certain products like bleaching products. Symptoms of dermatitis include;
Skin ulcers, blisters, skin redness, itching, swelling etc.

Exogenous ochronosis

This is a skin disorder that causes blue-black pigmentation. Most times, it is as a result  of long-term use of skin bleaching creams.

Steroid acne

Corticosteroid containing skin bleaching can cause acne. Symptoms include red bumps, acne scars.

Skin bleaching have no health benefits, but can be used to minimize dark skin spots, discoloration and improve blemishes on your skin.

Before using a skin bleaching product, it is advisable to see your doctor and follow the directions given.


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