Tinubu calls on governors to collaborate in revitalizing the economy.

President Bola Tinubu emphasized the need to transform Nigeria's economy by beginning with the removal of fuel subsidy and unifying exchange rates.

He called on the 36 state governors to work together in accomplishing this task. During the inauguration of the National Economic Council (NEC), President Tinubu outlined eight priority areas for immediate attention, highlighting the importance of collective frameworks to stimulate a strong economy that benefits the vulnerable and impoverished populations.

He assured the governors that his administration would address key issues such as security, economy, employment, agriculture, infrastructure, monetary policy, and fuel subsidy. President Tinubu also acknowledged the significance of the monthly NEC meetings, chaired by Vice President Kashim Shettima, as a platform for comprehensive economic dialogue among the federal government, state governors, the Central Bank of Nigeria, and other stakeholders.

Finally, he reaffirmed his administration's commitment to improving the lives of Nigerians by fostering unity and resolving social challenges through compassion and collective efforts.


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