The lyrics of Khaid's song “Anabella” delve into themes of apology, devotion, and resilience in the face of criticism. The artist opens with a sincere apology, expressing remorse for any pain he may have caused his partner. He urges his lover not to be swayed by the influence of others, emphasizing his dedication to her and her alone.


The chorus showcases the artist's affection for Anabella, acknowledging that she is the sole source of his attraction. However, he emphasizes that he is not willing to be taken advantage of for financial gain, urging her to enjoy their time together without any hidden agenda.


In the following verses, Khaid addresses the challenges and judgments they may encounter as a couple. He encourages Anabella not to worry about what others say and to disregard any rumours or insults thrown their way. Despite the potential hardships they may face, he assures her that he will stand strong and remain steadfast.


The lyrics also imply that Khaid is aware of his own flaws and recognizes the possibility of disappointing his partner. However, he hopes that she understands his intentions and knows that his love for her is genuine, even if he may have reservations.






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