Hot Kid, the upcoming Nigerian artist, has just released his latest single titled “On Colos,” and it's already making waves in the music scene. The song, produced by Boom Beatz, brings a high-energy vibe that is sure to get everyone on their feet. 


Hot Kid sets the tone right from the beginning, expressing his desire to enjoy life and have a good time without any stress. He emphasizes the need to surround himself with positive energy and find someone to boost his adrenaline. The catchy chorus, “On colos, on colos, on colos,” becomes an infectious chant that draws listeners into the rhythm. 


The lyrics also tell the story of Sodiq, who refuses to heed warnings and ends up getting involved in things he doesn't understand. Hot Kid paints a vivid picture of Sodiq smoking with Jago and getting caught up in situations he shouldn't be in. Despite the cautionary advice, Sodiq follows the wrong path, leading to potential consequences. 


Hot Kid's delivery is filled with emotion and enthusiasm, enhancing the song's energetic atmosphere. His vocals capture the listeners' attention, and the repetitive chorus adds a memorable element that keeps people hooked. “On Colos" is an anthem that celebrates living life to the fullest with the intake of drugs, but also serves as a reminder to make wise choices and avoid negative influences.



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