Last week birthed the spark of a relationship rumour between make-up mogul, reality TV star and billionaire Kylie Jenner (25) and Golden Globe nominee and actor, Timothee Chamalet (27).


The news of the possible romance spun first from an  Instagram gossip account Deuxmoi, which has a well-known history of accurate celebrity scoops.


The pop culture gossip account alleged that multiple sources had confirmed the unlikely duo were dating. One source claimed to have known about the couple since January, while another claimed that an actor on the set of "Euphoria" had let the news slip. Whole Chamlet isn't an actor on the hit TV series, his Dune co-star Zendaya is.


Several speculations had been all over the net regarding the TV star and the Keeping up with the Kardashians alum; and now it only seems that the billionaire mother-of-two has fanned the flames surrounding her mysterious relationship status with the Hollywood heartthrob.

Rumuors have reignited as Kylie's black, miliion-dollar range rover was spotted at Chalamet's Beverly Hills mansion on Thursday.


The SUV, which had tinted windows, could be seen pulling up to his driveway before going up the winding road.

A lot of fans pointed out that the beauty line tycoon wasn't out merely sightseeing,- her car pulled in from the road and drove straight up the winding driveway, -in other words, she knew exactly where she was going.


However, with the vehicle's windows obscured by tint, it wasn't confirmed if the Jenner was actually within the ride as she was not officially photographed.

But with Kylie recently separated from Travis Scott, the father of her children and Timothee's openly single status ever since his last relationship with Eiza Gonzalez and Lourdes Leon, the reality of the two stars having an affair isn't far-fetched.

While we wait for reps. for Timothee and Kylie to confirm these airing rumuors, the media has been left to keep betting on the authenticity of what might be a love story between the two or just another deliberate PR stunt; courtesy of Kylie's momager Kris Jenner.


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