In a recent interview with “Thehonestbunchpodcast,” Portable, the emerging street music sensation, shed light on his journey in the music industry and his observations about his contemporaries. A perceived similarity between his music style and that of Seyi Vibez. Portable candidly expressed his opinion that Seyi Vibez had adopted a pattern of music similar to that of Asake. 


Portable confidently highlighted his path to success, emphasizing that he had overcome numerous challenges without resorting to imitation. He asserted that his rise to the limelight had been marked by originality and an authentic sound that resonated with his audience. In his view, he had managed to carve a niche for himself in the industry without emulating anyone else's work. 


Portable further claimed that his success was evident, asserting that he had surpassed Seyi Vibez in terms of popularity. He remarked that if the “Vibez” were removed from Seyi's name, there wouldn't be much left, insinuating that Seyi's music lacked a distinct identity. In contrast, Portable proudly labeled himself the “king of street vibes,” suggesting that his music embodied the essence of the streets in a unique and unparalleled manner. 


Moreover, Portable mentioned that he had earned the respect of Asake, an artist knows that Seyi Vibez was imitating. This affirmation of respect from Asake added to his credibility in his eyes. 


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