We all have bad habits. What we don't see is how those bad habits affect our quality of life. It is often when something serious happens to our health that we see just how those habits affect our health. Today we'll take a look at lung health.

Normal lung function is often underrated when you are able to breathe normally. It is only when breathing becomes impaired that we seek to know the lung functioning.

Naturally your body has a defense system to protect your lungs, but some habits put your lungs at risk. You will be surprised at how simple daily habits put your lungs at risk.

Here are habits that could be damaging to your lungs.

Habit #1: Not exercising

An inactive lifestyle can be damaging to your lungs.
Physical activity increases the amount of oxygen needed by your muscle and tissues. Your lungs work harder to meet the increased need for oxygen, overtime this makes your lungs stronger and improves overall functioning of your lungs.

Exercise improves your lung function resulting in better oxygen circulation throughout your body.

Habit #2: Smoking

Smoking is one of the major causes of lung cancer. When you smoke, your air passages are narrowed, making breathing difficult.

Smoking affects how much oxygen rich air your lungs can hold. Anytime you smoke, your lung structure changes, this makes it difficult for your lungs to expand and contract the way they do during breathing. It is an addictive habit which continuously damage your lungs.

Smoking increases inflammation in your lungs. This produces excess mucus which interferes with oxygen exchange. Overtime smoking destroys your lung tissue and changes that lead to cancer may be triggered.

Smoking not only affects your lungs, but also exposes others to smoke endangering their health as well.

Habit #3: Poor posture

Your body posture can have an impact on your lungs positively or negatively.
When you slump or slouch, it doesn't just affect your back, your lungs are also affected. This is because slouching makes less room for your lungs to expand, making it difficult for your lungs to take in enough oxygen.

Poor posture can result to shallow breathing. In shallow breathing, you don't take in as much oxygen as needed. Overtime this weakens your lungs.

Always make it a priority to maintain a good posture by ensuring your back is kept straight and your shoulders pulled back.

Habit #4: Being around smoke.

Even when you don't smoke, others do. They could be your friends, colleagues or relatives. You expose your lungs to second hand smoke when you are in the company of smokers.
This is called passive smoking and it increases your risk of lung diseases.

Habit #5: Unhealthy diet

"You are what you eat" the popular saying that can never be wrong.
A healthy diet helps to maintain a healthy weight, decreasing the risk of obesity, a factor for lung problems.
Diet high in fiber are associated with overall lung health.

Habit #6: Refusing to see your doctor

Lung health should not be taken lightly. Whenever you experience deviation from normal lung functioning like chest tightness, excessive coughing, difficulty in breathing, it is necessary you see your doctor for timely diagnosis and treatment.
Also regular check ups can help prevent diseases.


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