Will Baal continue to communicate through 'Prophets' of God?--- AIIA

The Akwa Ibom Integrity Alliance, AIIA, a political advocacy group, has warned the locals and citizens to be wary of preachers who go about issuing bogus prophecies for their own personal gain.


After Pastor Umo Eno was officially recognized as the victor of the March 18, 2023, governorship election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the group issued a statement titled: "Will Baal continue to communicate through 'Prophets' of God?"


In a statement that was signed by its chairman, Barr. Stephen Abia, AIIA, expressed disappointment that some clerics had claimed that God had revealed to them, prior to the 2023 elections, that the Young Progressive Party's (YPP) Bassey Akpan would be chosen as the country's next governor.


According to a statement made available to newsmen Monday evening, the group voiced worry that such false and misleading prophecies might devastate society and undermine faith in Christian religious preachers.


Part of it reads: "Akwa Ibom Integrity Alliance has urged some clerics in the State who made prophecies in the run-up to the state's just concluded 2023 governorship election without consulting God to refrain from such practices and stop deceiving their congregation.


The governorship elections in Akwa Ibom State in 2023 would be won by Senator Bassey Albert of the Young Progressives Party, according to a very embarrassing video that is currently making the rounds.


The Pastor, later identified as Philip Osung, is repeatedly seen making outrageous boasts that, if Bassey Albert Akpan does not win the governorship elections, he will give up one of his hands for amputation. This makes the video even more disturbing.


“With the victory of Pastor Umo as confirmed by INEC, it is expected that all their mercenary prophecies have failed, and the people know that these were products of bitterness and personal hatred for him" (Pastor Eno)


It is extremely disheartening that certain individuals who ought to have been responsible for caring for God's flock instead work as professional con artists, creating predictions that are intended to increase their financial gain and fool others who believe them.


The issue is that these men of God's actions have the potential to diminish the respectability of the real clergy. Men of God shouldn't use their authority to disrupt society by making up bogus prophecies.


The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN in the State, and other numerous Christian leaders who refused to let Baal speak for them in the 2023 elections deserve special praise, according to Dr. Sunday Mbang, Prof. Isaiah Isong, Apostle John Okoriko, and Archbishop Udeme Simon.



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