Remember the time you had to put off that dinner because you couldn't get your choice dress to fit?

Or that time you lost the race because your body gave up too quickly?

I'm certain you still recall the length of time you spent admitted in the hospital because your body was too weak to fight

Here are a few tips to understanding why your body says NO

You should know that your body operates using the GIGO (Garbage In Garbage out) principle.
Whatever you put into your body is what your body metabolises.

Your body says NO because;

- You choose to eat unhealthy when you eat more of junk foods which stores up extra calories, and run away from the veggies and fruits that nourishes your body.

- You choose to stay away from exercise. You prefer a sedentary lifestyle over being physically active, this weakens your muscles and encourages muscle wasting. It also increases your chances of developing osteoporosis

- Everytime you'd pick soda over water

- You starve yourself in your quest to lose weight

- You choose to stay up at night playing games and watching TV shows rather than putting your body to rest.

Your body says No and will continue to say No until you make healthy choices.


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