As much as you enjoy playing your favorite songs on repeat or visiting your favorite restaurant on repeat, your sexcapades is definitely not among the things to be kept on repeat.

To enjoy sex constantly and to deepen your relationship with your partner, you should spice things up by trying out different sex positions.
It is no news the health benefits one can get from sex, from acting as a good workout, lowering your blood pressure to bringing down stress levels. Ever thought of the best healthy sex positions you could try out with your partner?

The best five sex positions:

Doggy style

The doggy style helps to flex muscles and to straighten your back and exercise hips and core. 
For the men doggy style allows for orgasm by enabling quick stimulus to the senses on the head of the penis, thereby allowing you to reach climax.

The thrusting action in this position is good for losing weight and burning calories.

Standing sex

Standing sex can help you burn up to extra calories in few minutes.  It might seem difficult to try at first, but you get comfortable with it as you try it more often.

Though it may or may not be comfortable for you, this position is a good alternative to your gym sessions which are more rigorous.


This position is a great workout in itself. It involves you balancing yourself as you sit on your partner.
You improve your flexibility as you move up and down, as well as, back and forth, which activates your muscles develop balance, stability and coordination.


Spooning position isn’t just a way to feel close to a partner , it also has it's health benefits. If you complain often of backaches, then this is the best position for you to try with your partner.

When two people spoon, oxytocin the love hormone as well dopamine and serotonin is released. These hormones help in bonding and to relieve pain and stress. They also help to regulate mood, appetite and sleep.

Spooning is said to help the nervous system relax and reduce blood pressure, allowing people to feel calm.

Cowgirl or Women on top

Yes, the idea is the woman being on top. This sex position exercises and helps in strengthening the gluteal muscles, hamstrins, pelvic muscles as well as your core. It is great in building stamina.

In the process of riding your partner, you are also doing a cardio workout as this position improves blood flow in your body.
Orgasm: A woman on top position allows her to steer for a deep penetration and stay in control of her pace enabling her to reach her climax.

This action in bed will definitely make you sweat, burning calories and speeding up metabolism, thereby inducing weight loss. Cowgirl sex position is a heart friendly sex position as it improves blood flow, strengthes muscles and causes weight loss.

There are different sex positions  that are beneficial to your health and wellbeing, try these positions to have an active, healthy and captivating sex life.


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