Psquare was a Nigerian R&B duo consisting of twin brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. They began their music career in 2001 and rose to fame in Nigeria with their hit song “Do Me” in 2008. 


Psquare's music was a blend of African rhythms, pop, and R&B. They were known for their energetic dance moves and catchy hooks. They released six studio albums, including “Get Squared” (2005), “Game Over” (2007), “Danger” (2009), “The Invasion” (2011), “Double Trouble” (2014), and “Invasion 2” (2021). 


The duo won numerous awards and accolades throughout their career, including several MTV Africa Music Awards and multiple nominations at the BET Awards. They also collaborated with numerous international artists.


However, in 2017, the duo announced their split due to personal differences. Peter Okoye went on to pursue a solo career under the name Mr. P, while Paul Okoye continued under the name Rudeboy. In 2021, they reconciled and came back together as one. 


They had an interview and had a recalling of how they held the industry down for 14 years, even when Wizkid wasn't as popular as he is as of today. 


Despite their split, Psquare remains one of the most successful and influential music acts in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Their music continues to be enjoyed by fans all over the world. There, reconciliation is expected to bring nothing but the best.




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