The highly anticipated AMVCA (African Magic Viewer's Choice Awards) cultural celebration of 2023 took place on the 19th of May 2023. This prestigious event, dedicated to honouring outstanding talents in the African film industry, was a dazzling spectacle of cultural diversity and artistic excellence. 


Among the many highlights of the night, the most-talked-about moment was the announcement of the Best Dressed award. This category, which recognizes individuals who embrace and celebrate their African heritage through their attire, saw two remarkable winners: Venita Akpofure, a popular contestant from the fourth season of Big Brother Naija, and Yemi Cregx, a star from the BBTitans reality show of 2022. 

Venita Akpofure's stunning outfit stole the spotlight as she gracefully sashayed onto the stage with her all-around pink attire. Adorned in a mesmerizing owambe attire, she showcased a harmonious blend of the sweet colour and intricate patterns, paying homage to her Nigerian roots. The intricate beading and impeccable craftsmanship of her ensemble left the audience in awe. Venita's choice of accessories, including statement jewellery and a headpiece, further accentuated her regal presence, earning her a well-deserved accolade. 


Equally deserving of the award was Yemi Cregx, who captivated everyone with his bold fashion statement. Donning a modern interpretation of African fashion, he effortlessly fused the traditional Yoruba demon elements with contemporary design. Yemi's avant-garde ensemble, his confident demeanour and his charismatic stage presence added to the overall impact of his outfit, making him an undeniable winner. 


Although Venita and Yemi emerged as the Best Dressed winners, the competition was breathtaking with a plethora of amazing contestants such as liquorose, saga, white money, boma and a few others showcasing their unique styles. Each participant brought their flair to the event, reflecting the rich tapestry of African cultures and traditions. 


The night celebrated the intersection of art, fashion, and cultural heritage, showcasing the diversity and vibrancy of the African film industry. 



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