The controversy surrounding Shallipopi's song titled “Obapluto” has taken a legal turn, as Pa Monday Edo filed a lawsuit against Shallipopi for copyright infringement, seeking a hefty sum of #200 million. However, the situation has taken a surprising twist with the emergence of High Chief Priest Egbohon's revelation. According to Egbohon, Pa Monday Edo is not the rightful owner of the song, as he was merely chosen to be the lead singer for a stage performance commemorating the 100 years of British colonization in Benin in 1996. 


High Chief Priest Egbohon claims that he is the true owner of the song, having been responsible for its production and orchestrating the lyrics to commemorate the historical event. This revelation came to light through an interview conducted by Zaddyofbenin, who managed to gather the involved parties for discussions on the matter. 


During the interview, it was unveiled that Pa Monday Edo's involvement was limited to being the lead singer for the cultural center stage performance. While he received a token of appreciation for his contribution, the song's creation and production were attributed to High Chief Priest Egbohon. This newfound information suggests that Pa Monday Edo's lawsuit lacks merit, as he was not responsible for the song's creation or production. 


As the controversy unfolds, it becomes evident that the true ownership of “Obapluto” lies with High Chief Priest Egbohon, casting doubt on Pa Monday Edo's claims and raising questions about the motivations behind the lawsuit. The legal battle takes an intriguing twist, highlighting the importance of accurate information and proper attribution in matters of copyright and artistic creation.


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