Too Much Consumption Of Alcohol Causes Liver Disease, Atiku’s Aide Mocks Wike




Phrank Shaibu, Atiku Abubakar's special assistant on public relations, has recommended former Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike to minimize his alcohol use following his declaration that his liver and kidneys failed due to "poisoning"


He said, â€œI am not a medical doctor but it is general knowledge that excessive alcohol consumption leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, digestive problems; and cancer of the breast, mouth, throat, oesophagus, voice box, liver, colon and rectum.


“Other ailments associated with excessive drinking include: weakening of the immune system, increasing the chances of getting sick; learning and memory problems, including dementia and poor sexual performance. Wike should look inwards. Let us assume that he was poisoned by food. Was his hoarse and husky voice also caused by food poisoning?”


Mr Wike stated on Sunday during a "Thanksgiving" event that his organs failed due to suspected poisoning in 2018.


Mr Shaibu, on the other hand, stated that the former Rivers state governor has always been upfront about his fondness for booze, particularly whiskey, which he has admitted to drinking in the early hours of the morning.


Given Wike's drinking habits, he believed he had alcohol poisoning rather than food poisoning.


He said that given the rate of Wike’s drinking, it was likely he had alcohol poisoning and not food poisoning.


He said, “Governor Wike has always been open about his intense and indubitable love for whiskey. He even said back in March that he was sipping a 40-year-old whiskey with his friends while watching Atiku and others protesting on TV at 11am.


“Governor Wike has also been seen drinking and dancing in video, including one he did with former Governor Rochas Okorocha. If Wike was indeed poisoned and his organs failed, he ought to be a teetotaller by now and reduce his drinking.”


Given his involvement in the Rivers state election, which was riddled with anomalies as demonstrated by the results on INEC's viewing portal, Mr Shaibu recommended Wike to go for confession rather than thanksgiving.


“Governor Wike ought to be doing confessions rather than thanksgiving. Psalm 51:17 says God does not despise a broken spirit and a contrite heart. Wike has not shown any remorse for the many electoral malpractices he has committed.


“Under Wike’s reign, Rivers state – which was famously known as the treasure base of the nation – became Rivers of blood. That is the legacy of Wike. His thanksgiving cannot be acceptable to God unless there is first repentance”, Shaibu said


He praised Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde for exposing Wike's unstable behavior to the world.


He found it amusing that, despite knowing Wike was cantankerous and dangerous as a bare wire, Makinde decided to support him for president of a country like Nigeria.


Mr Shaibu, on the other hand, recommended the Oyo governor to focus on delivering democratic dividends to the people of Oyo State rather than following Mr Wike and other previous governors who are today jobless.


“Governor Makinde aptly referred to his master, Wike, as a naked wire. Everyone knows that all a naked wire does is kill people by electrocution. May we never fall victim to such a cantankerous man.


“Governor Makinde should, however, focus on delivering the dividends of democracy to the people of Oyo. He is the only G5 member who currently holds political office. The other four are jobless spent forces who are running helter-skelter seeking appointment and protection from the EFCC”, he said.


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