Tiwa Savage, the award-winning Nigerian singer, has made a decision not to share confidential information with her mum anymore. In a recent interview with MTV UK, she revealed that her mum couldn't keep a secret when she was invited to perform at King Charles III's coronation. Despite asking her mum not to tell anyone, her mum informed her brother within 20 minutes. 


Initially, Tiwa didn't fully grasp the significance of performing at the King's coronation and didn't know she would be the sole representative of the Commonwealth. As she learned more about the event and the responsibility it entailed, she felt the pressure but also considered it an iconic and unforgettable experience. 


In March, Tiwa Savage made history as the first Nigerian artiste to perform at a British royal event during the King's coronation concert and Big Lunch. This achievement highlighted her talent and contributed to her growing prominence on the international stage. 


Despite this achievement, Tiwa is now cautious about sharing sensitive information with her mum. She understands the importance of keeping certain things private and not risking any premature disclosure. Nevertheless, she cherishes the experience of representing the Commonwealth and delivering an exceptional performance on such a grand occasion.



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