Tems, the Grammy-winning singer, shared her thoughts on the challenges of being a Nigerian, especially as a woman, but also highlighted the blessings that come with it. In an interview with Kiss FM in London, she expressed how tough it can be to be Nigerian, mentioning that it's not an easy path for anyone. However, she believes that despite these challenges, there's a special advantage tied to being Nigerian. She emphasized that tapping into one's talents and confidently presenting them to the world can bring honor and recognition.

Tems referred to being a Nigerian woman as a “miracle,” stressing the importance of embracing one's uniqueness and not apologizing for it. She admired the strength and resilience of Nigerian women, acknowledging their uniqueness and expressing her belief that they hold a special place in her heart. She didn't necessarily claim Nigerian women are the “most” blessed, but rather, she highlighted the uniqueness and special qualities they possess.

For her, the blessing lies in the ability to proudly showcase one's identity and gifts despite the challenges. She sees Nigerian women as holders of a unique blend of blessings, appreciating the distinctiveness they bring to the world. Tems considers it a significant privilege to be a Nigerian woman in the current era and believes that celebrating one's Nigerian identity while confidently sharing talents with the world is an honor.

In essence, Tems' perspective celebrates the resilience of Nigerian women amidst the difficulties, emphasizing the importance of owning one's identity and talents to overcome obstacles and shine on a global platform.


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