Nigerian singer Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, popularly known as Spyro, has revealed his controversial colleague HabeebOlalomi Oyegbile, Portable is the only artist he would never work with.


According to him, their musical styles vary vastly and he[Portable] would not be able to perform well if he wrote a song for him. This revelation comes up hours after the Zazucrooner Portable called out Spyro for refusing to collaborate with him, tagging him as below his feats in the industry.

Recall that Portable had taken to his Instagram live on Sunday to lambast Spyro over his refusal to work with him on a track, dragging the singer with incessant statements.


The ‘Who’s Your Guy’ crooner shared how he felt regarding the other artist in a recent interview with Cool FM, Lagos.

During the interview, the show host, Do2tun, posed a question to Spyro, asking him about the artiste he would not consider collaborating with and in response, Spyro firmly stated that his decision had nothing to do with any personal issues as many would seemingly think, but rather stemmed from their divergent musical tastes.


When asked who he would never write a song for, Spyroreplied with:

“Not because I have an issue with him, but because our paths just don’t cross, like, our kinds of music don’t align. Portable, I guess.”


“It can’t work. He wouldn’t be able to deliver the kind of music that I would write for him because it’s not his style,” He furthered.


Spyro though acknowledged Portable’s artistry and musicianship.


When additionally asked about his opinion on Portable’s singing ability, Spyro acknowledged Portable’s talent. He believed that Portable’s choice to pursue a particular in-line style of music was intentional and is a reflection of his artistic vision.

Spyro’s admirable recognition of Portable’s skills instead of clapping back at the artist following his mean comments fired at him demonstrated a sense of respect and appreciation for his fellow artiste’s unique musicality; leaving a lot of internet users stunned.




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