*Reno Omokri calls Bola Ahmed Tinubu a "drog Lord" and adds, "if he is on fire, I won't urinate on him"*

Reno Omokri has gone on Instagram to call out Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Reno called the president-elect a “drog Lord” and then added that he intentionally misspelt the words for personal reasons.

He shared a photo of Tinubu and wrote:

"culture where money, rather than respect, is the cornerstone is a low culture, that may prosper materially, but will never prosper spiritually or politically. A culture where a child can open his mouth and call his father "a nobody"? Tufiakwa! Nyama!

What is money? Something that we will all leave on Earth. That is how you rate a life. Do you know why a Bini man will fight you physically if you dare insult the Omo N'Oba N'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo? Because they view him not as a king, but as their father. That is why for over a thousand years, their culture has stood. Firm!

Until a culture has been recalibrated to stop revolving around money and to gravitate towards respect, it will always be under the control of higher cultures that are built on respect. Just look at pre-colonial and post-colonial Nigeria. Not much has changed in terms of power structure!

Because you worship money, you also feel that everybody is motivated by money. Like you. Listen to me carefully: Bola Tinubu is a known drug lord (deliberate spelling to avoid you know what). If he is on fire, I will not urinate on him. No amount of money or posts will make me support him. I will protest and support the Peoples Democratic Party petition against his victory with my money and my energy. But as far as I am concerned, if the Supreme Court does not overturn his victory, which I pray they do, I will recognise and accept him as my President on May 29, 2023, and torment him if he toes the path of Buhari.

It is you and your likes that do everything because of money. For 500 years, my lineage has never been poor. And I am not about to be the weak link that will bring poverty into my pedigree. My actions are the result of my principles."


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