In a historic feat that reverberated across the Indian music industry, Rema, the sensational Nigerian artist, has etched his name in the annals of music history. With his beats and mesmerizing melodies, he got a plaque for his song “calm down” 13x IMI platinum in India, he ascended the platinum platform on the prestigious Indian musical chart.


The nation's music enthusiasts were awed by Rema's remarkable talent of this extraordinary accomplishment. His unique fusion of afrobeat, pop, and R&B touched millions of people's hearts, crossing cultural barriers and enthralling a wide audience.


His record-breaking feat not only showcased the global appeal of Nigerian music, but also served as a catalyst for cultural exchange and appreciation. The milestone underscored the power of music in fostering unity and transcending geographical barriers, leaving an indelible mark on the Indian music scene.


As accolades poured in from fans, Rema's triumph symbolized a new era in the music industry. One of our brightest stars blazed a trail, after Ckay being the first and now Rema also paving the way for future generations of Nigerian artists to follow in their footsteps.


Following this monumental achievement, the world eagerly awaits Rema's next sonic masterpiece, eager to witness the boundless creativity and ingenuity that propelled him to unprecedented heights.


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