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For the first quarter of the year, they published the following breakdown of the top social media skit producers:

Top 5 Instagram comedians (based on male skit videos views)

1. Mark Angel – 43.7M

2. Sabinus - 35.0M

3. Brodashaggi - 30.3M

4. Agent of laughter – 22.6M

5. Layiwasabi - 19.3M


Female categories based on skit videos view.


1. Taaooma - 22.2M

2. Kiekie - 21.4M

3. Bimbo Ademoye - 15.9M

4. Phoebe - 9.7M

5. Ashmusy - 7.2M



Top 20 Nigerian YouTube skit maker in the first quarter of the year 2023.

1. Sam speedy

2. Mark Angel

3. Taaooma

4. Brainjotter

5. Sabinus

6. Brodashaggi

7. Sirbaalo

8. Zicsaloma

9. Mr macaroni

10. Kiekie

11. Oluwadolarz

12. Nosa Rex

13. Josh2funny

14. Funnybros

15. Bimbo Ademoye

16. Woli agba

17. Offical woos

18. Realsophy

19. Shamkcomics

20. Bae u



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