A heartfelt reflection by Olayode Juliana, on her early experiences in the mainstream entertainment industry and the impact it had on her life. She expresses gratitude for the opportunity she received to break into the industry at a young age, acknowledging the role played by Funke Akindele, a renowned actress and screen goddess.


Olayode recounts how she entered the industry as a neophyte, which seemed like a miracle considering the years of hard work many others had put in to achieve the same. She acknowledges that her success was a result of God's mercy and unmerited favor. Playing a friend and co-lead with Funke Akindele in the popular sitcom “Jenifa's Diary” was a shock for Olayode, as she was still a teenager who had barely finished secondary school. The fame and recognition she gained from the show exceeded her understanding and expectations.


However, as Olayode continued in the industry, she realized her lack of knowledge about its intricacies. She mentions having a guardian or manager who didn't understand how the entertainment industry worked, and she believed everything he said. This lack of understanding and guidance contributed to a misunderstanding that resulted in an email being sent to Scene One TV, the producers of the sitcom, without Olayode's knowledge of its contents until recently.


Olayode acknowledges that the story of her mistakes and missteps in the early stages of her career cannot be fully expressed in words. She takes this opportunity to sincerely apologize to Funke Akindele for the hurt she caused her and the impact of the email that was sent. She acknowledges her immaturity and childish mistakes, expressing deep remorse for everything that happened.


In conclusion, Olayode expresses eternal love and gratitude towards Funke Akindele, emphasizing her sincere apology for any pain she caused. It serves as a reflection on Olayode's early experiences, a recognition of her past mistakes.


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