Prince Harry, duke of Sussex and his family, the Britishmonarchy have reportedly been at odds for a long period of years, following Harry’s resignation from his royal duties in 2020 and now it seems like the Prince may never make up with his family. According to a new report, the prince and his wife, the duchess Meghan Markle, have yet to be invited to King Charles’ upcoming birthday parade, marking the first time he would be excluded from the event.


“I hear that Prince Harry and Meghan have not been invited to the King’s Birthday Parade next weekend,” Richard Eden, a source revealed to the Daily Mail.


“I’m afraid it’s a reflection of the state of relations at the moment,” another source added.


This year’s event slated for the 17th of June holds much significance since it is the first time Charles is now the King of England.


Things had further took a turn for the worst between Harry and his estranged family ever since he released his Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, in addition to his tell-all book, Spare.


According to reports, King Charles III had returned from Romania on Tuesday, June 6, but he did not bother to take the opportunity to see the Duke. Instead, he went to a concert. The prince, Harry made no attempt to see his brother Prince William and flew back home to California on Thursday, June 8, as he wanted to get home to his brood “as quickly as possible.”


The 38 year old royal had recently been in the U.K. for his court case against the Mirror Group Newspapers — the royal is suing them for unlawfully obtaining private information — but he didn’t make any time after the trial for his sibling or father, The Telegraph reported.


During his trial, Harry took the stand, where he spoke about his ex girlfriend Chelsy Davy, and spoke on the rumours that King Charles is not his biological father, seemingly further upsetting his brother William and the king who were reportedly not pleased he was speaking out even more.


First there were rumours that the Prince would not be in attendance during the King’s coronation a month ago due to the family’s differences with Harry and now talks of being not invited to the King’s birthday celebration has raised concerns over if the royals would someday ever ‘kiss and make up’.


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