Peter Okoye, renowned as Mr. P from the music duo Psquare, recently took to his X account to voice his exasperation with Nigeria's legal system. In a series of candid tweets, he lamented the state of affairs, particularly expressing disdain for studying law in a country plagued by lawlessness. This outcry was prompted by the contentious decision of the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal, which upheld President Tinubu's victory in the February 25 presidential election. 


As a fervent supporter of the Labour Party's presidential candidate, Peter Obi, Okoye's frustration was palpable. He mused on social media, “Imagine studying law in a lawless country. Shame.” This sentiment resonated with many, drawing a considerable response from his followers on Twitter. 


One responder, #Darlyqueen1, astutely pointed out the historical truth that the law, rather than being an equalizer, has often been wielded to restrain the weak and shield the powerful. Another, #hd_Wale, echoed a widely held sentiment in Nigeria, asserting that corruption is endemic in the political landscape, and politicians amass vast wealth while in office. 


Okoye's candid critique shines a light on the deep-seated frustrations many Nigerians share regarding the perceived flaws and inequities within their legal and political systems. 


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