During an interview with Tacha on Cool FM, Ola of Lagos shared a gripping narrative of his journey from humble beginnings to his current success. He recounted his determination to escape poverty, which led him to leave his hometown and seek opportunities in Lagos. Ola's early days in the city were marked by hard work and resilience, as he engaged in various odd jobs, including manual labor and household chores, just to make ends meet. 

His passion for cars ignited a spark within him, and he recounted his persistent efforts to create content related to automobiles. Ola reminisced about his initial struggles, where he would visit automobile offices in an attempt to capture videos, only to be repeatedly turned away. However, undeterred by rejection, he eventually acquired a phone and began posting pictures and videos of cars on social media platforms. 


His first income of service was a modest fee of #4000, earned through reposting content on his social media accounts. This small victory marked a turning point in Ola's journey. As time passed, his dedication paid off, and his online presence expanded. The rest, as they say, is history. 


Ola's interview also highlighted his resolute determination to aim high and not settle for anything less than achieving his goal of becoming a billionaire. His story serves as an inspiring testament to the power of resilience, hard work, and unrelenting passion. 


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