‘Observe Sit-At-Home In Your Village, Leave Anambra Alone,’ Says Ifeanyi Ubah To Simon Ekpa





Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, the lawmaker representing Anambra South in the Senate, has told Simon Ekpa–a Biafran agitator– to take his 'sit-at-home crusade' to his home state of Ebonyi and leave Anambra State out of it.



Simon has been a strong advocate of the sit-at-home directives in South Eastern states of Nigerua, despite the mainstream leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, suspending the earlier last month.


During a stakeholders meeting of the Anambra South zone, the lawmaker raised security and economic concerns caused by the unproductive Monday sit-at-home order calling to put an end to it, starting with Nnewi.


Consequently, Ifeanyi warned Ekpa whom he said is going about his duties in finland on Monday to stop ordering a sit-at-home order on Mondays in Anambra State.


“I have heard from one Simon Ekpa, this is a warning Simon, for 17 good times you have mentioned Ifeanyi Ubah and I did not reply to you. You have been seeking my attention for 17 good times and I am answering you today, never ever mention Ifeanyi Ubah or Nnewi again.



“Your state Ebonyi is APC state and you have never one day mentioned your state Ebonyi. Ebonyi does not observe sit-at-home, you are in Finland contesting for councillorship or whatever, and you go to your job on Mondays but you want to deprive people because you have communication gadgets, you have the internet to run propaganda.


“I am elected officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and I represent the people of Anambra South. To you Simon Ekpa and your co-travellers, for anyone of you to mention sit-at-home again, you will start preaching the sit-at-home from Ebonyi before you continue to mention Anambra State and Enugu.


“I am telling you Simon Ekpa, be careful, I won’t say more than this, you have mentioned me 17 times and I’m going to reply once, Try me you will see. Go and observe sit-at-home in Ebonyi and also with your father, your family go and observe sit-at-home in your village and leave Anambra State alone,” Ubah said.


He indicated that they would remain resolute in their decision to annul any sit-at-home directive.


“As a representative of the people of Anambra State, Nnewi North being the political capital of Anambra South, we deem it fit to say we will not continue to sit at home on Mondays.


“From this Monday, every business based in Nnewi will be open for business. We have our men, we have our system – we know saboteurs will come to sabotage what we are doing but we are resolute to fight any aggressor that will come into this town,” Ubah declared.








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