Controversial Nigerian comedian, actor and TV presenter Chinedu Ani Emmanuel known by his on-air alias Nedu has made yet another interesting yet shocking claim and this time it involves a "popular pastor on Lagos island".


Speaking on a recently aired session of Naija FM's 'Across The Bridge', the presenter revealed that a certain well-known pastor in a prominent church is having sexual affairs with several women in his church.


Nedu though refusing to reveal the identity of the pastor for unnamed reasons claimed that friend of his who attends this particular church, -whose congregation consists mostly of young people, has tried wooing some ladies there but they turned down his proposal simply because the pastor was allegedly pleasuring them sexually.


Though keeping the alleged pastor's identity hidden, the OAP threw subtle vague hints regarding the church saying the pastor and his wife take turns preaching on the altar of the church and that it comprises mostly of young people. He also emphasised on how famous the claimed pastor is.


The famed media personality, while speaking on the radio's show maintained that most of the host present knew the accused in question.


In his words:

I go talk am. E get one church wey young, young people dey go. I will say it! E get one church wey dey for Island here, I go leave am like that (promising not to reveal the church’s name).


Young, young people dey go the church. A lot of young people. Na ‘Eh yo, eh yo kind of church (funky church). If the pastor dey preach, hin wife dey preach.


Now, this man; my guy sef dey go the church. The babes wey my guy dey try chyke (woo) for the church, wey no gree for my guy; na pastor naim dey wipe (sleep with) them. And all of una wey dey here know the pastor.”


Nedu’s recent revelation is coming some weeks after recounting his experience with two certain celebrities at a hotel in Abuja.


The media personality during a podcast shared how he walked in on two popular female celebrities sleeping with someone he knows.


Reactions are currently trailing the media personality's claim.


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