Exciting news from the Marlian Music label! Naira Marley, the renowned Nigerian artist and founder of Marlian Music, has officially signed a talented new artist named Vusic. The announcement came through a video posted by Naira Marley himself, featuring both artists sitting together and giving a sneak peek of his incoming song, teaming up with Naira Marley to deliver his new song “History (Good bye)”. This track seems to be Vusic's debut release under the Marlian Music label, and fans of Marlians music are eagerly waiting to hear what this fresh signee has in store for the industry. 

Vusic's addition to the Marlian Music family signifies Naira Marley's continuous efforts to discover and nurture new talent within the Nigerian music scene. With his distinct style and infectious energy, Naira Marley has built a dedicated fan base known as the Marlians, who eagerly support his endeavors and eagerly embrace the artists he brings into the fold. 


As the anticipation builds, music enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement, wondering what kind of sound and vibe Vusic will bring to the table. Will it be a fusion of Afrobeat and hip-hop, or perhaps a unique genre-bending approach? Only time will tell. Nevertheless, this signing showcases Naira Marley's commitment to expanding the Marlian Music brand and introducing the world to fresh voices and innovative sounds. Get ready to embrace the music of Vusic, the newest member of the Marlian Music family.



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