Seyi Vibes, in his captivating musical video titled “Kingdom,” takes us on a journey of resilience, determination, and faith. 


“No pain, no gain, Who else can feel my pain,” which is the opening line, resonates deeply, revealing Seyi Vibes' willingness to endure hardships in pursuit of his dreams. With an unwavering spirit, he proclaims, “we lift you Higher, higher, higher, We want to lift you higher.” It is a powerful declaration, expressing his desire to rise above his circumstances and elevate others around him. 


Throughout the video, Seyi Vibes shares glimpses of different phases, highlighting the challenges he has faced. He references his devotion to his craft, stating, “Mo tin ké Qurani, l’odun mẹsan," indicating his commitment to Quran for over a decade. Undeterred by naysayers, he emphasizes that he is his own role model and the guiding light for his family. 


The chorus serves as a beacon of hope and affirmation. Seyi Vibes proclaims, “Hmmm Thy Kingdom Come, Vibez Till Thy Kingdom Come," acknowledging the divine presence in his life and his unwavering commitment to his musical artistry. The repeated call for lifting higher echoes the pursuit of excellence and transcendence. 


The video showcases Seyi Vibes' charisma and passion, captivating the audience with his compelling performance. It intertwines vibrant visuals, showcasing both his personal struggles and triumphant moments, enhancing the emotional depth of the lyrics.



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