The music video for Kcee's song “Ojapiano” is a visual spectacle that brings together a stunning infusion of Igbo costume, pidgin and Igbo language, and a powerful message of unity. Directed by the renowned Five-Star Music team, this video is a true work of art. 


From the very beginning, the video captures the attention with its vibrant display of Igbo costumes. The traditional attires, adorned with intricate patterns and rich colors, beautifully represent the cultural heritage of the Igbo people. It's a visual feast that celebrates and honors the roots of the song. 


Throughout the video, the seamless blend of the pidgin language with the Igbo elements creates a harmonious fusion. The lyrics and visuals come together to tell a captivating story that transcends language barriers. 


In its entirety, the “Ojapiano” music video is a beautiful piece to watch. Its combination of the tune, location settings, and the inclusion of a mask for everyone reflects both creativity and a conscious effort to connect with the audience. It's an indication of the artistic vision and dedication of the Five-Star Music team, resulting in a visual masterpiece that complements the enchanting music of Kcee's song and stepped up his game in the industry.



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