The musical video for the song “I Wish” by Jae5, Lojay ft. Libianca portrays a heartwarming tale of a loving family of three—a father, mother, and daughter—whose relationship is filled with boundless love. The video initially showcases their idyllic life, capturing precious moments of laughter, joy, and togetherness that highlight the deep connection between them. 


However, as the video progresses, it reveals the inevitable challenges and misunderstandings that can arise in any relationship. The once harmonious couple finds themselves caught in a web of arguments and disagreements, their love tested by the complexities of life. Despite their best intentions, the growing tensions begin to take a toll on their relationship. 


Tragically, fate intervenes in the most heart-wrenching way. While driving together one day, an unfortunate accident occurs, claiming the lives of the wife and daughter. The emotional weight of this loss is palpable, and the video captures the husband's profound grief and devastation. 


The final scenes depict the husband burying his loved ones, surrounded by family and friends offering their support. The lyrics of the song “I Wish” take on a more profound meaning, as the husband laments the missed opportunities to shower his beloved wife and daughter with even more love and appreciation when they were alive.



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