The intriguing story is visually stunningly set against the lovely beach location of Ckay's most recent song video. The artist and his love interest, Nwayi, are shown in the opening scene of the video relaxing by the beach. The splendor of their surroundings was emphasized by the warm glow that the setting sun's golden rays cast. 


The usage of the horse-drawn carriage, which hearkens back to a bygone period, is one noteworthy aspect of the video. This elaborate sculpture adds a dash of elegance and nostalgia while conjuring up feelings of grandeur and romance. Its use gives the video a distinctive visual appeal by fusing the past and present. 


As the video progresses, the scene transitions to an evening beach, nestled among palm trees. The lighting and tropical surroundings enhance the romantic ambiance, making it a truly enchanting setting. Ckay and Nwayi are dressed impeccably, their outfits perfectly complementing the stunning visuals. 


The video masterfully captures the chemistry between Ckay and Nwayi, as they share tender moments and convey a deep connection. Their interactions are filled with love, warmth, and undeniable chemistry, making their on-screen presence captivating and authentic. 


Overall, the music video for Ckay's track creates a visual feast for the eyes. With its beachside and palm tree settings, the incorporation of the horse-drawn carriage, and the chemistry between Ckay and Nwayi, it successfully brings the song to life in a visually captivating and emotionally resonant manner.


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