Kel-P's latest release, titled “What Have You Done,” is a captivating song that effortlessly blends rhythms with enticing lyrics. From the opening lines, Kel-P grabs the listener's attention, singing about a mysterious encounter with someone in a corner, urging them not to be shy and beckoning them closer. The artist hints at a potential connection, expressing a desire to mix well with this person. The song's pulsating beats evoke a dance-inducing groove, perfectly complementing Kel-P's smooth vocals. 


As the track progresses, Kel-P continues to explore the chemistry between the two individuals, emphasizing the allure of their dance moves. The catchy chorus, accompanied by lively melodies, echoes the artist's bewilderment at the effect this person has on them. The lyrics raise questions about the actions and intentions of this intriguing figure, with Kel-P repeatedly asking, “What have you done?” The song seamlessly transitions between moments of reflection and upbeat energy, creating an engaging listening experience. 


Kel-P's lyrics showcase his skillful wordplay, effortlessly incorporating Nigerian slang and expressions. The artist's commanding delivery and infectious enthusiasm captivate the audience, urging them to groove along. “What Have You Done” is a testament to Kel-P's musical prowess, delivering a refreshing blend of Afrobeat and contemporary sounds. 


With its irresistible melodies and captivating lyrics, “What Have You Done” solidifies Kel-P's position as a talented artist, ready to make waves in the music industry. This exciting release is bound to leave listeners eagerly anticipating what Kel-P has in store next.



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