Wande Coal's newly released album “Legend or No Legend,” a track called “3 Square Meal” captivates listeners with its infectious rhythm and mesmerizing lyrics. As the beat drops, the artist's voice takes center stage, delivering words that speak to the hunger for success and the pursuit of a better life. 


“Get that deal,” he proclaims, his words dripping with determination. The desire for financial abundance echoes throughout the song, as he yearns for a life where three square meals are no longer a mere dream but an everyday reality. He aspires to transcend the boundaries of mere millions and reach the astronomical figures of billions and trillions. 


With resounding confidence, he asserts that he knows what he's talking about when it comes to money. His journey has been paved with sacrifices, enduring both physical and emotional trials along the way. Yet, despite occasional misunderstandings, his actions speak volumes. 


He likens his experiences to being on magazine covers and cruising in luxurious limousines, embracing a life of opulence fit for royalty. He emphasizes that he has witnessed countless extraordinary things, immersing himself in a world where dreams transform into reality. 


“Golden gates, golden plates,” he murmurs, embracing a sense of divine blessing. The imagery of abundant grapes, lakes, and oceans evokes a picturesque landscape of prosperity and fulfillment. 


In “3 Square Meal,” Wande Coal's words resonate as a battle cry for success, reminding us that dreams can materialize with relentless drive and a hunger for more. The track pulsates with an energy, leaving listeners captivated and inspired to seize their destinies, reaching for the stars until their hunger is sated.



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