Victony is back with the remix of “Soweto 2.0” adding a top rising singer Omay lay to the track. A collaboration of victony and Omay lay is a banger. 


Nigerian singer, composer, and performer Stanley Omah Didia is also known as “omay lay.” In Nigeria's Rivers State, on May 19, 1997, he was born in Port Harcourt. He started a music career in 2019 and rapidly became well-known for his distinctive Afro-fusion style. He is renowned for his appealing lyrics, modern Afrobeat beats, and soothing, lyrical vocals. 


Victony is a brilliant singer, songwriter, and producer from Nigeria. His music is a hybrid of Afrobeats and R&B, with lyrics that touch on issues of youth, love, and life. 


Victony believes that he is as fixated on a woman's backside—referred to as the “Soweto”—as any man could possibly be. She had a devastating effect on him, so he made an exclamation about her waist and ass. It is a sophisticated version of the pidgin English that prevailed in Port Harcourt. 


Omay lay added verse 3 are: 


Whine your waist Tomiwa

Igbodare Chidera

Aboki babe Mutumina

If she get yansh, I go carry am

Let me check your arеa, wetin dey your cylinder?

20KG еach one, when I fill the gas I go carry am

But something must to kill a man, A man must die

People wey kill Jesus Christ, Common Soldiers

Your Aba, Onitsha and Iweka, I wan go there

'Cause whenever I look in your eyes, nothing I see inside than your yansh

My village people hating, hating your waist, they can't tolerate it

My girlie no dey dey sit, dey seat for wetin

Your type no plenty


The addition of omay lay to the track simply gives it another dimension for both artist fans to listen to and add to their play lists. This is a lovely approach to keep the song at the top of the music charts for weeks.


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