The pairing of Victory and Tempoe for a collaboration was unquestionably a match made in musical heaven. Both artists are rising stars in the Nigerian music scene, and their fan bases are expanding. 


Nigerian singer, songwriter, and producer Victony is talented. He was raised in Lagos and was born in the Nigerian state of Delta. His music is an amalgam of Afrobeats and R&B, with lyrics that discuss love, life, and youth-related concerns. His smooth, soulful voice has led to comparisons to Bryson Tiller and Khalid, among other musicians. 


Nigerian music producer, beatmaker, and songwriter Tempoe has been causing a stir in the country's music scene since 2018. He was raised and born in Lagos, Nigeria, where he also began producing music at the age of 16. Afrobeats, Hip-hop, and R&B are all influences on his music. He is renowned for his capacity to produce unique beats. 


The term “Soweto” refers to a woman's posterior, and Victony claims that he is as obsessed with it as any man could be. He also claims that her posterior is like a “Tornado” since it has a devastating effect on him. It is a sophisticated form of the pidgin English that was utilized in communication in Port Harcourt. 


It takes remarkable talent and drive to not only sing in English, but also to flow naturally in Pidgin English and still have listeners move to it. Victony and Tempoe are artists to watch in the Nigerian music business thanks to their distinctive style and relevant songs.


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