Victony's latest track titled “My Darling” is an Afrobeat tune that captivates listeners with its rhythmic melodies and catchy lyrics. Juls Baby sets the stage with a pulsating intro, paving the way for Victony's smooth vocals to take center stage. 


The song celebrates the beauty and allure of a particular woman who has captured Victony's heart. Amidst the multitude of fine girls, she stands out, captivating his senses and leaving an indelible mark on his soul. The lyrics depict a playful exchange of affection, with Victony expressing his devotion and endearment. 


The track seamlessly blends Nigerian slangs and English, adding to its charm and cultural relevance. It showcases Victony's lyrical prowess as he effortlessly weaves his words into a delightful musical tapestry. The chorus repeats the sweet refrain of “My darling, my darling oh,” reinforcing the affectionate tone and emphasizing the significance of this special person in Victony's life. 


The verses exhibit Victony's confident and assertive persona, warning others to stay away from his beloved. He playfully threatens to collapse anyone who dares to come near, asserting his commitment and protectiveness. 


With its infectious rhythm, catchy lyrics, and Victony's captivating vocals, “My Darling” is a delightful addition to Victony's repertoire. 



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