Tony Frank, the Nigerian artist, he just released a new song titled “No Stress,” featuring the popular musician, Timaya. The song is a call to everyone to allow him to enjoy himself and live his life without stress, wahala or kasala. 


In the song, Tony Frank talks about how he has had enough of people trying to bill him for everything. He wants to be free from all these obligations and just have a good time. A charge to his fans to also not stress themselves with unnecessary demands from people. 


The beat of the song is upbeat and catchy, with a distinct afrobeat rhythm. The lyrics are playful and relatable, as many people can identify with the desire to just have fun and not worry about anything else. 


Tony Frank's voice is smooth and confident, and Timaya's contribution adds a layer of energy and excitement to the track. Together, they create a perfect synergy that brings the message of the song to life. 


Overall, “No Stress” is a fantastic song that encapsulates the desire for a stress-free life. It is a reminder to everyone that sometimes, all we need is to let loose and enjoy ourselves without any worries or burdens. With Tony Frank's exceptional vocals and Timaya's electrifying presence, this song is a must-listen for all fans of afrobeat music.



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