Timaya, the superstar of Nigerian music, has returned to the airwaves with his most recent single, “My Moto.” This song is sure to attract listeners and get them to groove to its rhythm thanks to its addictive beats and humorous lyrics.


The song opens with the energetic command “Giddem,” setting the tone for a high-energy experience. Timaya's distinctive voice takes center stage as he sings, “Whine for me, for Egberi Papa, bend for me.” His vocals exude confidence and charm, urging his love interest to show him how she likes it. 


The chorus is an irresistible invitation to let loose and enjoy the moment. Timaya encourages his partner to embrace her sensuality, expressing his willingness to fulfill her desires. The pulsating beats, courtesy of Wi Wi Willis, provide the perfect backdrop for Timaya's seductive lyrics. 


Throughout the song, Timaya's lyrics exude a mix of passion and playfulness. He praises his “Baby” for her mesmerizing dance moves, noting how she makes his brain skip a beat. The lyrics showcase Timaya's desire to please his lover, offering himself as her ultimate source of satisfaction. 


“My Moto" is an ode to the power of attraction and the joy of letting loose. Timaya's delivery is infused with his signature style, effortlessly blending elements of Afrobeat and dancehall. The song's infectious energy is sure to get listeners on their feet and moving to the rhythm.



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