Tiimie's latest track titled “Suleja” is a captivating and energetic song that showcases the artist's unique style and lyrical prowess. The lyrics of the song take us on a journey through the artist's mind, expressing his thoughts and experiences. 


The track begins with Tiimie pondering how someone could venture into Suleja, a city, searching for Ifeoma. He asserts his presence in the music scene, emphasizing that he is always ahead of the game, even when facing challenges. Tiimie's determination is evident as he continues to make strides despite setbacks, staying on the move and accumulating success. 


The lyrics touch on various aspects of life, reflecting the artist's observations and emotions. Tiimie references driving in Burdilon and encounters with unruly traffic situations, highlighting the absence of road safety measures on the highway. Language barriers are also addressed, with Tiimie emphasizing that English is not a barrier to his expression, as he can speak in any language to connect with his audience. 


The artist expresses his frustrations, feeling unheard and turning to a spliff for solace. However, he remains resilient and determined to make his mark in the industry, running stacks and striving for success. Tiimie reminds us that life can be challenging and unpredictable, but he finds solace in expressing himself through music, specifically referencing Beats by Dre as his medium.



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