Nigerian songstress Teni recently released her highly anticipated single “No Days Off,” a track that continues to showcase her exceptional talent and distinctive style. But what is the true essence behind the song? 

Let's break down the lyrics to gain a more profound understanding of the meaning behind “No Days Off.” This line pays homage to the track's producer, Genio. In the music industry, it is customary to acknowledge the producer at the beginning of a song. 


The chorus of “No Days Off” reflects her unwavering dedication and hard work. “Engaging in continuous efforts without rest” is a metaphor symbolizing her consistent endeavours in her music career. The line “Just imagine if I didn't leave Atlanta for Lagos” refers to her transition from Atlanta to Lagos, a substantial move that vastly impacted her tune. 


Yoruba, a language commonly used in Nigeria, is sung during the bridge. The lyrics are: I have moved on. They are still where I left them. They are enraged. Likewise, they are enraged with me. These sentences convey a sensation of advancement and may allude to a break from previous connections or situations that restricted her.


Teni also takes a moment to express her gratitude towards her loyal friends, who are willing to go to great lengths for her, emphasizing the significance of a supportive network throughout her path. The reference to Moscow could imply the widespread appeal of her music. In the outro, she reaffirms the song's central message of relentless effort and echoes the chorus. She is daring, unapologetic, and certain of the calibre of her music.


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