Tega Boi DC, known for his melodies and energy, has unleashed his latest track titled “Follow You.” With its pulsating beats and soulful lyrics, the song takes listeners on a journey of love and devotion. 


The track opens with Tega Boi's signature melodic adlibs, instantly drawing you into his world. He confesses that he feels like he's gone crazy, as your love has taken him on an exhilarating ride. It has humbled him and made him choose you above all the billions of girls out there. Ignoring the opinions of others, he is determined to follow you wherever you go. 


Tega Boi then delves into his struggles as a broke musician, acknowledging that he may not have much to offer at the moment. However, he believes in your potential and wants to be with you in the present. He craves peace and financial stability, ready to provide for your every need and desire. 


The chorus echoes his devotion, emphasizing that he is under your spell. No matter how crazy it may seem, he is willing to follow you wholeheartedly. Your love has brought him joy and humility, and he sees no other girl but you. 


As the song reaches its climax, Tega Boi expresses his commitment to you. He promises to do whatever it takes to make you happy, to be the best partner he can be. Memories of your time together linger, and he cherishes the moments shared. Money may come and go, but his love for you remains steadfast.


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