The upcoming singer-songwriter Tariq Oluokun, also known as Tar1Q, has once again won the hearts of music fans with his most recent single, “Pretty Like.” Tar1Q's excellent love ballad displays his wide vocal range and complex emotional range. 


A sincere ode to the grace of love and the force of attraction, “Pretty Like” is a song. The song's lyrics discuss the singer's obsession with a “Victoria” who is not only physically attractive but also endearingly charismatic. He sings about how he is drawn to her magnetic nature and how even after he urges her to leave him alone, she won't want to. 


The song has a beautiful tune, and his voice wonderfully complements the relaxing beats. The chorus is a wonderful expression of the depth of the singer's love for his muse. The song has a memorable hook with the repeated word “story oh story” that will stick in your memory long after you've listened to it. 


This is a superb love song that will appeal to everybody who has ever been in love. Tar1Q has once again shown that he is a major player in the music business, and his followers can't wait to hear more of his beautiful songs. 


In conclusion, it is unquestionably a must-listen if you're looking for a love song that will touch your heart and inspire you to believe in the strength of love. 


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