Akintunde Abiodun Timileyin, aka TI Blaze, was born in Ogun State on February 16, 2000. He is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who rose to national prominence in January 2022 with the release of the remix of his song “Sometimes” with rapper Olamide. 


He was always fond of music, and when he was in high school, he would perform singing and rapping for his peers. 


Due to the fact that he was still a young musician at the time, TI Blaze was a relatively unknown artist. Additionally, when the remix of his song “Sometimes” featuring Olamide was released in early 2022, he received a great deal of attention. 


He's back with a brand-new song that's sure to keep you swaying and moving. This incredible record, “Wire,” belongs on your playlist undoubtedly. It displays the artist's extraordinary talent and variety with its captivating groove and lyrics. You'll be captivated by the song's peppy rhythm and earworm tune from the moment it begins. 


The song is about earning money by working online once, and that's it. The economic environment is not favorable, and anticipating that the cyberwork funding will be successful will make the conduct even less justified. Even though he doesn't support it, he needs to live a decent life after the successful deal. 


All things considered, “Wire” by T.I. BLAZE is the perfect tune to add to the song list. It's guaranteed to become one of your favorite singles of the year with its contagious beat, appealing melody, and motivational lyrics.



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