Nigeria's music industry, kept waxing stronger and representing us around the globe. Skales has recently released a captivating song titled “Konibaje (Remix)” featuring the renowned superstar, Rotimi. This track showcases the impressive talent of both artists, as they deliver captivating verses that blend seamlessly with Skales's unique style. Fans are in for a treat with this collaboration between these two exceptional musicians. 


The credit for the impeccable production of “Konibaje (Remix)” goes to the skilled music producer, Jay Pizzle. With his expertise, he has created a mesmerizing beat that perfectly complements the vocals of Skales and Rotimi, resulting in an outstanding musical experience. 


This remix is a remarkable addition to Skales's already impressive discography. With its infectious rhythm and compelling lyrics, it is bound to become a favorite among fans. The chemistry between Skales and Rotimi is undeniable, and their combined efforts have resulted in a truly magical track. 


For those eager to listen to this exceptional collaboration, the song is available for streaming, sharing, and downloading. Embrace the enchantment that Skales and Rotimi have created together by indulging in the captivating sounds of “Konibaje (Remix).” This song is destined to be a hit, so don't miss out on experiencing its magic.



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