“ENKR” is the latest track by Reminisce that showcases his signature lyrical style and gritty delivery. The song's verses are brimming with raw energy and street-savvy references, painting a vivid picture of the artist's persona and attitude. 


The lines of the track, “Moti jinde se mi o kumo, Omo langidi mo duro,” immediately set the tone for the confident and fearless demeanor Reminisce embodies. He asserts his prowess as the “Oja daddy Alhaji,” suggesting his high status in his world. 


The lyrics delve into Reminisce's unapologetic self-assuredness, describing his readiness to take on challenges and confront obstacles. He references his ability to handle situations with ease, mentioning his experience of navigating the bustling city streets. The track's infectious rhythm and wordplay capture the essence of his street credibility. 


Reminisce's use of metaphors and cultural allusions creates a sense of authenticity and relatability in his lyrics. He seamlessly blends Yoruba language with English, giving the track a distinct flavor that resonates with his audience. His references to his roots, experiences, and aspirations make “ENKR” a track that bridges the gap between his personal journey and the experiences of his listeners. 


Overall, “ENKR” is a dynamic representation of Reminisce's artistic style, showcasing his ability to craft verses that are both unapologetically bold and introspective. 


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