"Patoranking's latest track, 'Higher,' is a captivating anthem that celebrates triumph over adversity and gives thanks to a higher power. The song's lyrics resonate with a sense of gratitude and resilience, acknowledging that if it weren't for God's guidance, the singer wouldn't be where he is today. 


The repetitive chorus of 'Higher' serves as a powerful mantra, emphasizing the upward trajectory of the artist's life. The lines 'If eno be God, Tell me, Na where I for dey' underscore the belief that divine intervention has led to his success. The mention of 'Enemies' attempting to bring him down, but failing, reinforces the theme of overcoming challenges. 


Patoranking paints a vivid picture of transformation and progress, moving 'From zero to hero' and embracing newfound blessings. The catchy verses reflect a journey of dancing and persistence, suggesting that his success has been hard-earned and well-deserved. 


The song's upbeat rhythm and spirited melody mirror the feelings of exuberance and joy. Patoranking's delivery is charismatic and confident, drawing listeners into the celebratory atmosphere he creates. The repetition of the word 'Higher' further reinforces the idea of reaching new heights and aspirations. 


Overall, 'Higher' by Patoranking is an inspirational track that uplifts spirits and encourages listeners to keep moving forward despite challenges. 


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