“Intoxycated” is a captivating new song by Oxlade featuring Dave that delves into the complexities of relationships and the emotional turmoil they can bring. With its infectious melody and introspective lyrics, the song takes listeners on a journey of love, heartbreak, and self-reflection. 


The track begins with Oxlade's melodic vocals setting the tone, instantly drawing us into his world. He reflects on a situation where he discovers his partner's unfaithfulness, leaving him feeling betrayed and hurt. Oxlade's raw emotions shine through as he questions her actions and the sincerity of their love. 


As the chorus kicks in, Oxlade expresses his frustration, feeling both intoxicated and wasted by the experience. He questions the value of love, wondering if it is overrated in the face of such heartache. The chorus is powerfully delivered, with Oxlade's vocals conveying a mix of vulnerability and strength. 


Dave's verse adds another layer to the narrative, sharing his own experiences and perspectives on relationships. His lyrics touch on the challenges faced when love is tested and the uncertainties that arise. The collaboration between Oxlade and Dave creates a harmonious blend of their distinctive styles, enhancing the song's depth and resonance. 


“Intoxycated” is not just a tale of heartbreak but also a reflection on personal growth and self-discovery. Oxlade's introspective lyrics reveal his desire to find peace and move forward, while Dave's contribution adds an extra dimension of introspection and wisdom.


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