Omay Lay's latest track titled “Ripo Ripo” is an infectious vibe that captures the artist's unique style and lyrical prowess. Thanks to catchy melodies and clever wordplay, Omay Lay takes listeners on a journey through his personal experiences and ambitions. 


In the opening lines, he confidently asserts his independence, proclaiming that he does things at his pace and is not influenced by others. He emphasizes that he values substance over superficiality, showcasing his determination to carve his own path. The artist cleverly name-drops influential figures from different spheres of life, ranging from politics to literature, to highlight the diverse sources of inspiration in his life. 


Omay Lay's lyrics also touch on the challenges he faces as he pursues his dreams. He acknowledges that some may try to undermine his efforts, labeling him as just a player or someone who pretends to be wise. However, he remains unfazed, focusing on his own journey and striving to achieve his goals. 


The chorus of “Ripo Ripo” serves as an infectious hook, driving the song forward with its vibrant energy. Omay Lay's delivery and the pulsating beat create an irresistible blend that makes it impossible not to move to the rhythm. The artist exudes confidence as he promises to give his audience the “Ripo Ripo” vibe, a contagious feeling that penetrates the body and uplifts the spirit.


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